Welcome to sports and remedial massage East London.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage technique that helps prevent injuries,promote healing of injuries,improve physical training/performance and relieve pain and stress.Sports massage works on the soft tissues of the body(the muscles,tendons and ligaments) which can help improve posture/alignment and reduce pain or tightness in the body.

Sports massage can help:

1- Injuries heal quicker and maintain range of movement.

2- Prevent injury by reducing muscle tightness and stretching the soft tissues.

3- Improve circulation which benefits the growth and repair of cells in the body.

4- Relieve pain/stress and help relaxation.


I am based at Energie gym, 3 reading lane, hackney e8 1GQ. Energie is a 5 minute walk from Hackney central overground station.I can also do home/work visits in the Hackney or Walthamstow area


£40 1 hr

£30 45 minutes

£20 30 minutes

please email pvacarey@hotmail.com

0r call 0208-986 6206


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